We are now planning VIDM 17 but if you would like an insight into how the conference is run, please click on the recordings below, when you will be taken to the recordings of the full session.

8th Virtual International Day of the Midwife, 5th May 2016

Session – Date/Time (UTC) Speaker and Presentations Recordings Workshops Recordings
01) 22:00 4th May Maralyn Foureur, Australia
Keynote Presentation
Designing Out Fear
02) 23:00 4th May Celine LeMay, Quebec, Canada
Sharing Midwifery Stories: Constructing Knowledge, Language & Meanings
https://c.deic.dk/p680x9l51v6/ Workshop: Water Birth,
Deborah Davis, Australia https://c.deic.dk/p71g2xtq2ip/
03) 00:00 5th May Shefaly Shorey, Singapore
Health Care Support Needs of 1st Time Fathers
https://c.deic.dk/p49hhxf6wfn/ Student Café
Sarah Bandasak, NZ
04) 01:00 5th May Gemma Macmillan, Australia
A Return to Rural Birthing: The Ingham Birth Project
05) 02:00 5th May Istri Bartini, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
Instilling Ambition to Study Midwifery in Teens
06) 03:00 5th May Bill McCool, Philadelphia, USA
Can Natural, Physiologic Childbirth Continue in the Medicalized 21st Century?
07) 04:00 5th May Patricia Ross, California, USA
An Old/New Way to Train Birth Assistants in Sierra Leone
08) 05:00 5th May Marketa Pavlikova, Prague, Czech Republic
The role of the emergency services in maternity care
09) 06:00 5th May Leila Mostofi, Tehran, Iran
Empowering Physiologic Birth Projects through Midwifery Teams in Iran
10) 07:00 5th May Heba Kamal FarajAllah, Gaza, Palestine
A Systematic Review of Women’s Experiences of Childbirth in the Arab World
https://c.deic.dk/p4r7jm0c13h/ Workshop: Neonatal Resuscitation,
Linda Wylie, Scotland, https://c.deic.dk/p3tj97pbzuq/
11) 08:00 5th May Julia Leinweber, Brisbane, Australia
Traumatic Stress and Professional Autonomy in Australian Midwives
https://c.deic.dk/p458d7d5e18/ Student Café
Chris Woodhouse, UK
12) 09:00 5th May Cecilia Jevitt, Newhaven, CT, USA
Health concerns of refugee women
13) 10:00 5th May Elisa Stelli and Irina Thiery, Bucharest, Romania
Obstetric Violence & Birth in Romania: Strategies Toward a Better Tomorrow
14) 11:00 5th May Ellen Blix, Norway
Keynote presentation
Midwifery and Maternity Care in Norway
15) 12:00 5th May Gloria Esegbona, United Kingdom
The #S_HE Campaign-Innovative Obstetric Critical Care Training Programme to Reduce Maternal Mortality and Morbidity
16) 13:00 5th May Jane Houston, Florida, USA
Bebe Proyecto: Improving Birth Outcomes in Haiti
17) 14:00 5th May Karline Wilson-Mitchell, Toronto, Canada
Barriers to Respectful Maternity Care in the Americas
18) 15:00 5th May Cynthia Pitter, Kingston, Jamaica
Respectful Maternity Care: The Other “R” Word in Maternity Service
19) 16:00 5th May Gene Declercq, Boston, USA
Keynote Presentation
Birth by the Numbers: Evidence Behind the US Cesarean Epidemic
20) 17:00 5th May Paulina Sporek, United Kingdom
Innovative Ways of Supporting Student Midwives in Clinical Practice
https://c.deic.dk/p44vlt7re7s/ Cindy Farley, Georgetown University,
21) 18:00 5th May Susana Santos, Portugal
Nuchal Cords-Evidence Based Practice
22) 19:00 5th May Helen Bedford, York, United Kingdom
No Passport? No Problem! Learning Within Midwifery Education via a Self-Reflective Audit Tool
https://c.deic.dk/p7uv8m44oaa/ Workshop: Successful vaginal birth after cesarean,
Cecilia Jevitt, USA https://c.deic.dk/p1kd02e7659/
23) 20:00 5th May Elen Capucine, Brussels, Belgium
The Influence of Health Politics on Birthplace Choices: France & The United Kingdom Compared
24) 21:00 5th May Caroline Homer, Australia
Keynote Presentation
Reducing Preventable Stillbirths: The Opportunity for Midwives