VIDM 2018 was held on or about 05 May, depending upon your location. The conference was brought to you by Big Blue Button technology, thanks to Frontier Nursing University.

  1. VIDM 2018 Opening Address: Sarah Stewart
  • Speaker: Sarah Stewart, Founder, VIDM; Midwifery Adviser and Manager, Policy and Professional Practice Unit, Australian College of Midwives
  • Facilitator: Jean Patterson
  • Recording:
  1. Keynote: The power of the woman’s voice: Protecting the midwifery workforce
  • Keynote Speaker: Karen Guilliland, Chief Executive, New Zealand College of Midwives
  • Facilitator: Jean Patterson
  • Recording:
  1. Eating for two or because of two: Postpartum weight retention in women in childbearing age (in Spanish)
  1. The journey from pain to power: A meta-ethnography on women’s experiences of vaginal birth after caesarean
  1. Becoming a midwife: A study of our alumni
  1. Errors when augmenting labour with oxytocin (in Spanish)
  1. Sustainability in midwifery
  1. From medical midwife to integrated holistic care midwifery (In English and Chinese)
  • Speakers: Irene Chain Kalinowski;  Meng Xue, President, Chinese Confederation of Midwives
  • Facilitator: Cindy Nelly
  • Recording:
  1. From midwifery educator’s perspective towards a midwifery education in Indonesia
  1. Principles for handover in the homebirth transfer context
  1. Keynote: Expanding midwifery in anglophone Africa
  • Keynote Speaker: Jemima Araba Dennis-Antwi, President, Ghana College of Nurses and Midwives
  • Facilitator: Megan Koontz
  • Recording:
  1. Obesity in pregnancy
  1. Designing, developing and testing ‘Home But Not Alone’ mobile phone app for new parents in the early postpartum period
  1. Midwifery, midwifery education and the future plan of the midwifery profession in Turkey
  1. Student Cafe : Better Births initiative from a student perspective
  1. Trial by media: The vilification of homebirth
  1. Organisational capacity building: The Bangladesh Twinning Project
  1. Postnatal Pilates: Findings from a pilot study
  1. Student Cafe: Preparing for publication: Student perspectives
  • Speakers: Georgetown University student midwives with faculty members Nancy Jo Reedy, Cindy Farley, and Esther Ellsworth Bowers
  • Facilitator: Lorraine Mockford
  • Recording:
  1. Keynote: Building a diverse midwifery workforce in the United States to improve maternity care outcomes
  • Keynote Speaker: Susan Stone, President, Frontier Nursing University: President-Elect of the American College of Nurse-Midwives (ACNM)
  • Facilitators: Jane Houston and Linda Wylie
  • Recording:
  1. Effectiveness of the intervention of professional midwives in vulnerable populations (in Spanish)
  1. State-Level Advocacy course for midwifery in Mexico
  1. Prenatal aspirin to reduce negative maternal and fetal outcomes in at-risk women
  1. Neonatal safety with water birth: Results from our meta-analysis
  1. Caring for You ‘Healthy workplaces delivering high quality care’: RCM campaign
  1. More than surgeries and survival: How to use statistics to inform consumers and change policy
  • Speaker: Daniela Drandic, Voditeljica programa Reproduktivna prava – Head of the Reproductive Rights Program
  • Facilitator: Diane John
  • Recording:
  1. Rohingya humanitarian crisis: Stories from the field
  • Speakers: Laureli Morrow;  Melissa Dorr; Taya Mohler; and Jeanna Deswert
  • Facilitator: Olufemi Olubodun
  • Recording: 
  1. Optimal cord clamping: Whose blood is it anyway?
  1. Student midwives’ use of the partogram at a district hospital in Lesotho
  1. Closing Keynote – Franka Cadee, ICM
  • Keynote Speaker: Franka Cadée, President, International Confederation of Midwives (ICM)
  • Facilitator: Cecilia Jevitt
  • Recording: