The VIDM Committee

Meet the team behind the scenes of VIDM 2020. They represent 4 continents and 7 countries. They meet throughout the year using webconferencing technology – exactly the same as during the conference.

Click on a name below to learn a bit more about the member.

Ally Anderson, Student Midwife, UK

Annette Dalsgaard, Denmark

Cecilia Jevitt, University of British Columbia, Canada

Chris Woodhouse, Retired Facilitator/Consultant, UK

Jane Houston Associate Professor Midwifery, Frontier University, USA

Linda Wylie, Retired Midwife Lecturer, Scotland, UK

Lorraine Mockford, Retired Instructional Designer, Nova Scotia, Canada

Raquel (Kelly) Justiniano, Midwife, Argentina

Susana Ku, Midwife, Canada