Hello, I am Susana Ku. I am a Registered Midwife in Ontario, Canada. I am currently working as a full-time midwife. Before starting my career in Canada, I obtained my degree as a Registered Midwife in Peru. I obtained a master degree in Sexual and Reproductive Health, because Women’s health and rights are one of my passions.  I speak Spanish, English and French at some extent. I am interested in Global Health and Global Midwifery, so participating at the VIDM committee is a fantastic opportunity to learn and share knowledge globally.

I love using social media to be in contact with Midwives from around the world. I believe that VIDM breaks all the geographical and economic barriers and allows people from all over the world to enrich their knowledge in Maternity and Infant care. Moreover, it is a great tool for continuous education for all Health Care providers.

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