Hello, I am Susana Ku. I am a Peruvian and Canadian Registered Midwife. I currently work in Ontario, Canada. Before starting my career in Canada, I obtained my degree as a Registered Midwife in Peru. I obtained a master’s degree in Sexual and Reproductive Health, because women’s health and rights are one of my passions.

In addition to my clinical duties, I am also a clinical preceptor and Midwifery instructor in the midwifery education program. I am involved in global health projects because global midwifery is one of my research interests. I am a fellow member at McMaster Midwifery Research Center, and my main areas of interest are childbearing and human rights, promotion of equity in health, use of technology for continuing education, provision of quality midwifery care during crisis and choice of birthplace. As I continue with my clinical practice and global health projects, I am also a PhD student in the Global Health program at McMaster University.

Participating at the VIDM committee is an invaluable opportunity to learn and share knowledge globally and to use social media to be in contact with midwives from around the world. The VIDM breaks all the geographical and economic barriers, allowing people to enrich their knowledge in maternity, neonatal and sexual and reproductive health.

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