Trish Ross, after a 25-year career in training and organizational development, decided to become a midwife.  So, in 2004 at the age of 53, she started school again.   In 1995, Trish was ordained in the Episcopal Church as a Deacon, an order of clergy which focuses on issues of justice, relief, and development.  She has leveraged her rich experience in training and working towards justice to teach maternity care in areas where such education is often unavailable or expensive.   She is now the Education Director of Midwives on Missions of Service, a tiny non-profit.  MOMS works mostly in Sierra Leone, teaching birth attendants to broaden and deepen their knowledge and become community change agents and maternity care providers.
Trish is married to Chris McManus, another Deacon and the President of MOMS, and has three children, one of whom died of brain cancer last year, and seven grandchildren.  She is also step-mom and honorary mom to a dozen more.  When they are not in Sierra Leone or Uganda, Chris and Trish make their home with their dog on the coast of Northern California.