Gloria Esegbona

In Africa mothers and their babies are being pushed to their physiological limits by 3 big killers called ­#S_HE. Without access to critical or intensive care they die or are severely injured – causing the biggest contribution to maternal and neonatal mortality . The S_HE campaign is making inroads into these big killers of mothers and newborns. By mobilizing midwives as not just caregivers but entrepreneurs, educators and researchers.

The campaign has opened 3 maternal critical care services in Kenya, Malawi, Nigeria since November 2013. Staffed by midwives with just 4 -5 days of training rather than the 6-12 months usually needed, and with minimal resources. The impact has been an almost immediate reduction in institutional maternal mortality and morbidity with a knockon effect of improving neonatal outcomes.

The presentation will focus on the structure, process and outcome indicators to date, what S_HE is, and the trials and tribulations of the midwifery led critical care algorithm used to deliver it. As well as the critical expanded role of midwives, and what lessons can be learnt for midwifery practice and research worldwide.