Introducing the VIDM 2023 Theme

The Art and Science of Midwifery:  Celebrating 15 Years of VIDM

Throughout history, midwives have cared for women:  supporting physiological labor and birth, providing collaborative continuity of care, documenting our practice and its outcomes, and using evidence-based science and the art of midwifery.  We have shared our wisdom, and our joys and sorrows. 

In 2008, Sarah Stewart, as part of her work at Otago Polytechnic University, Dunedin, New Zealand, and her friend and colleague, Deborah Davis, had a vision to expand this sharing to a worldwide community and into the virtual space. Since then, the Virtual International Day of the Midwife has grown into a respected and well-attended conference. 

Please join us on May 5th, to share our collective vision of the art and science of midwifery and its clinical application and celebrate 15 years of VIDM!