Explore the VIDM 2020 Posters — Outstanding!

Each year VIDM receives a number of outstanding posters which illustrate many aspects of midwifery practice and research around the globe. This year is no different. We have provided a separate category for Midwifery Students to showcase their work, many of which are interesting research as well.  Additionally, some of the poster presenters chose to be interviewed — Podcast interviews are found below their names on the presentation pages.

Please take some time to review this excellent work. Follow the links to the presentation pages.

VIDM 2020 Research Posters

VIDM 2020 Midwifery Student Posters

For an alternative view check the poster galleries below:

Student Midwifery Posters

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Research Posters

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Are you ready for VIDM 2020?

Look to the right of this blog post ⇒  That is how much time you have to get ready for VIDM 2020.

Attending a 24 hour conference with concurrent sessions  + a preconference event all via webconference takes planning! When are you available? Which sessions are your “must attend” and which ones can you catch as recordings? Be sure to consider the Preconference event with WHO.  Review the Programme Calendar and save the sessions to your calendar. Make note of the session room (1 – 2 – 3 – 4). Remember to check the time in your location — all conference sessions are listed using UTC.

How about the webconferencing technology? Attend a drop in session to check out how BigBlueButton works.  See below to find a session that works for you or look here. The moderators are there to answer any questions. Make sure your headset is working! Make note of the room for each drop-in session.

Login instructions are here: Accessing the Conference 2020 or under Attending the Conference above.

We can’t wait to meet you!

VIDM 2020 Drop In Sessions

Date & Time / UTCWorld Clock - Local timeRoomModerator
Fri 1st
bit.ly/VIDoM20-Drop-in-K1Cele Jevitt
Fri 1st
bit.ly/VIDoM20-Drop-in-L2Ally Anderson
Fri 1st
bit.ly/VIDoM20-Drop-in-M3Jane Houston
Sat 2nd
bit.ly/VIDoM20-Drop-in-N4Linda Wylie
Sat 2nd
bit.ly/VIDoM20-Drop-in-P1Chris Woodhouse
Sat 2nd
bit.ly/VIDoM20-Drop-in-Q2Lorraine Mockford
Sun 3rd
bit.ly/VIDoM20-Drop-in-R3Kelly Justiniano
Mon 4th
bit.ly/VIDoM20-Drop-in-S4Kelly Justiniano

VIDM 2020 Programme now available!

Welcome to the 12th Virtual International Day of the Midwife conference — free and fully online.  We have our highest number of presentations to date with a total of 38 presentations over 24 hours PLUS a preconference event with WHO associates starting 3 hours beforehand.

Speakers come from 17 countries across 6 continents, and presentations are offered in English and Spanish. The Student Stream has expanded this year, with 7 sessions of particular interest to student midwives, including 2 invited speaker sessions (Sessions 06 and 20). As to be expected in this time of pandemic, COVID-19 issues are foremost. Starting with the preconference event  Midwives on the Pandemic Frontline: WHO COVID-19 Update and continuing throughout the conference with both the opening keynote address (Session 1 – Sheena Byrom) and an invited speaker (Session 17 – Rebecca Dekker), there is much to inspire and support your midwifery practice.

The VIDM 2020 Programme is published using the UTC time zone, starting with the Preconference sessions at 19:00 on 04 May. A link is provided in each session description to show the time in your location. You can also subscribe to the Programme Calendar to add either the entire program or individual sessions to your own electronic calendar.

Many thanks to speakers and session facilitators — your patience and hard work make VIDM a success each year.

VIDM 2020 will be coming to you via the webconferencing platform Big Blue Button, supported by Frontier Nursing University. Information for speakers, facilitators, and participants is being added almost daily. Information about accessing the conference will be added soon along with opportunities to check out the technology at drop-in sessions. Check back often! Better yet, subscribe to the VIDM blog and never miss a post.