WHO Preconference session :: What does the future hold for birth equity for all?

We are honoured to announce that World Health Organization (WHO)  associates Elizabeth Iro and Fran McConville will be presenting a preconference session starting 3 hours before the start of VIDM 2021.  We hope you will be able to join us for this significant presentation and discussion as we explore Birth Equity for All.

Pre-Conference :: World Health Organization: Global progress on midwifery: What does the future hold for birth equity for all?

Join the World Health Organization (WHO) Director General, the Chief Nurse (a midwife!), and the Midwifery Advisor to hear the headlines of the State of the Worlds Midwifery Report – hot off the press! Find out what the future holds for midwifery education, services, workforce, and leadership from WHO midwives around the world. This is your opportunity to ask questions and give your valuable inputs to WHO.

Session information: HERE

Click here to check the starting time in your location: https://bit.ly/VIDoM21-WHO-session