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Be sure to review the VIDM 2022 Research Posters

Just a week until the start of the Virtual International Day of the Midwife 2022 conference. We can’t wait to meet you! Each year VIDM receives a number of outstanding posters which illustrate many aspects of midwifery practice and research around the globe. This year is no different.  While you are waiting for the conference to begin, take some time to explore the 20 posters.  Additionally, some of the poster presenters chose to be interviewed. Links to the podcast interviews will be found below their names on the presentation page with more added as we go. Many interesting  VIDM Podcasts are also found on the Menu at the top of the page. Please take some time to review this excellent work. Follow the link below to the presentation page.

VIDM 2022 Research Posters

The posters are shown below in an alternative view. Use your cursor to slow or stop the slideshow.

Research Posters Alternate Format

Poster: Birhan Tsegaw Taye
Poster: Helen Elliott Mainwairing
Poster: Separacion de Membranas. Cómo, cuándo y porqué.
Poster: Selamawit Tesfaye
Poster: Miriam Guana et al
Poster: Angela Roman
Poster: Filomena Stile
Poster: Guana et al
Poster: Raquel Justiniano
Poster: Luisa Langer
Poster: Flavia Pugliese
Lavelle Keys
Poster: Roisin Lennon
Poster: Niken Bayu Argaheni
Poster: Margarita Eli Oscategui Pena
Poster:: Companion animals: Implications of human animal interaction and perinatal mental health - The benefits, challenges, and gaps in research
Poster: Caroline Earley
Poster: Heaven Workneh