While you are waiting for VIDM 2022 …

In just under a month we will be celebrating another Virtual International Day of the Midwife conference together with more than 24 hours of engaging and interesting presentations based around the VIDM 2022 theme – Midwives: Together We Care.

While you are waiting why not spend some time exploring the extensive VIDM archives of presentation recordings and poster presentations?

Have you seen the Virtual Midwives YouTube channel? Conference presentations are recorded and made available on YouTube going back to 2009, with year by year playlists. Click HERE to check them out. Look for your favourites. Share with your friends and colleagues.

The Conference Archives are found on the Top Menu. These go back to 2015, with Programmes, Posters, and additional information of interest for each year. Recordings links are included with each presentation listing. Speaker and facilitator biographies are often linked in the presentation listings, along with podcasts.

Speaking of podcasts, look for the VIDM Podcast channel linked on the the Top Menu as well. Interviews with the 2022 Keynote and Invited speakers can be accessed here, along with many of the 2022 Poster presenters as completed.

Posters from previous years are listed the Conference Archives. For the last few years podcast interviews have been conducted with the poster presenters as well.