The VIDM facilitators are a key part of the success of the conference. These dedicated individuals not only introduce and support the speakers during their presentations. They are in partnership with them starting a month before the conference, providing guidance and assistance in using the conference technology.  Many return each year to help ensure the success of VIDM.  The 2018 facilitators are listed below in order of appearance in the programme. Click on their names to learn more about them.

Jean Patterson
Susana Ku
Hazel Keedle
Cindy Nelly
Megan Koontz
Deborah Davis
Linda Wylie
Chris Woodhouse
Cecilia Jevitt
Lorraine Mockford
Jane Houston
Stephanie Boyd
Pandora Hardtman
Susila Chandrasekaran
Diane John
Olufemi Olubodun
Catherine Salam

Look for the ‘Call for Facilitators’ next year if you are interested in assisting with VIDM 2019.