I retired in 2013 after 43 years working for the NHS as a nurse and a midwife, and for the last 19 years in Higher Education as a midwifery lecturer. I  completed my student nurse training in London but moved quickly on to completing my  midwifery education in Worcestershire. I then spent several years working as a community midwife, holding a caseload and attending home births and births within a G.P centre. From this experience, and the many years I have been a member of the Association of Radical Midwives, I have developed a passionate belief in the ability of the majority of women to birth without intervention given the right supporters and environment.

My interest in social media has evolved along with the availability of home computers and latterly smart phones. As an educator, I encouraged the professional use of social media by students and midwives and utilised #SoMe to support students out in practice. Within the university I ran a peer support group exploring the value of the different social media platforms and continue to be invited to speak at conferences across the UK on the opportunities social media offers within the profession for Continuing Professional Development and to engage with women and their families.

I have been involved with the #VIDoM for many years and believe that such innovations provide the midwifery profession across the world with amazing equitable opportunities to share clinical practice and experiences.

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