Virtual International Day of the Midwife 2022 – The waiting is over!

The Virtual International Day of the Midwife 2022 conference is here! Have you explored the Programme yet? Which sessions are you most excited to attend?

The WHO Preconference: Celebrating global achievements in midwifery: Opportunities and challenges in 2022 starts 3 hours before the main conference. You won’t want to miss it!

VIDM 2022 offers 49 presentations in 4 languages representing 19 countries over 24 hours.

This is a truly global celebration of midwifery!

Attending the conference is easy — Go to the Programme (click below or on the Menu bar above) and open your session, then click the Room ACCESS link to join. Click and go! Each session has a unique Room ACCESS link.

VIDM 2022 Programme

Session Facilitators

Each session has a Facilitator, who ensures the smooth operation of the presentation and supports the speaker(s). To learn more about a Facilitator, click on their name in a Programme session to access their biography. The Conference Organizing Committee thanks each of these dedicated volunteers. In no particular order: Bupe Mwamba, Catherine Shimechero, Fridah Ndinda, Olajumoke Ojeleye, Cindy Nelly, Liz McNeill, Diane Fox, Elisa Segoni, Jackson Muchiri , Eunice Atsali, Margaret Adongo, Caroline Maringa, Susan Kiamba, Stella Katuku, Mary Bada, Terri Downer, Cynthia Pitter, Gita Nirmala Sari, and Belle Bruce.

Additionally, many of the VIDM Organizing Committee are also session Facilitators: Jane Houston, Catherine Salam, Paola Wilkin, Cecilia Jevitt, Paloma Terra, Linda Wylie, Ally Anderson, Halima Musa Abdul, Lorraine Mockford, and Chris Woodhouse.