Are you ready for VIDM 2019

Look to the right of this blog post ⇒ That is how much time you have to get ready for VIDM 2019.

Attending a 24 hour conference with concurrent sessions via webconference takes planning! When are you available? Which sessions are your “must attends” and which ones can you catch as recordings? Review the Programme Calendar and save the sessions to your calendar. Make note of the session room (1 – 2 – 3).

How about the webconferencing technology? The conference rooms are open all the time — feel free to log in and check them out. Check Accessing the conference,grab your headset, and you will be ready for the conference. NOTE: VIDM is mobile friendly, however be sure to use Firefox or Chrome browsers if connecting from a computer.

Be sure to complete the post conference survey and download your certificate of attendance.