Background: WHO stated that midwives support mother to breastfeed. In fact, exclusive breastfeeding 52,3% have implemented in Indonesia. Working outside is one of the problem for mother to breastfeed exclusively. Indonesian midwives association in Bantul created a networking to being with women at work place.

Objective: to show the role of midwife organization and how it developed strategy in enhancing exclusive breastfeeding.

Method: in-depth interview and FGD did to explore experiences from midwife’s leader, factory manager, midwife and mother in the parties.

Result:  networking, willingness and social responsibility are the key to do a partnership for midwife. Being with women at workplace demonstrated an accessible and mutual benefit both for women and midwife.

Conclusion: Midwife organization play a vital role in partnership with other sector for supporting exclusive breastfeeding program. Breastfeeding women and pregnant women demanded to midwifery care in their workplace.

Keywords: Partnership, Midwife’s organization, Exclusive Breastfeeding