Childbirth in Iran is very medicalised with gynaecologists in charge of all births. Midwives are given very little responsibility as they are considered only capable of undertaking basic tasks. Caesarean sections are often undertaken with no indication. Approximately 8 years ago, a new initiative began promoting physiological birth. Initially the midwives thought that this was not likely to succeed because pregnant women believed that a Caesarean Section was better than a normal birth. However the Iranian midwives worked hard to connect with women more closely, to educate them and work with them towards more normal births. Recently I attended a workshop on physiological birth and Waterbirth and this presentation will discuss the first Waterbirth undertaken by myself and the first Waterbirth ever experienced at the hospital I worked in. This followed several weeks of education in preparation for the Waterbirth with a woman expecting her first baby and who had never considered giving birth in water but was happy to trust her midwife and chose this option.