Birth Equity For All

Virtual International Day of the Midwife (VIDM) is a free, non-profit, 24-hour online conference held every year on the International Day of the Midwife, the 5th of May.

VIDM 2020 included 38 presentations and 24 posters in English and Spanish covering a wide range of birth related topics.VIDM 2020 also hosted two pre-conference sessions from the World Health Organisation (WHO) providing COVID-19 pandemic updates. Participants came from at least 32 countries as diverse as Afghanistan, Bolivia, Iran, and Nigeria. 2020 saw our highest attendance figures since the initial 2009 conference which was broadcast from our founder’s kitchen in New Zealand!

The VIDM is committed to global midwifery education and continues to provide a free, equitable and accessible online conference on International Day of the Midwife. Check out the VIDM YouTube channel to look at our free video resources here: Virtual Midwives

Midwives care for increasingly diverse populations within their own countries and internationally. This has led to a growing need for midwives to receive education in the field of global health as well as collaborate with other midwives globally. 

A volunteer committee of senior educators, technologists, midwives and student midwives from 7 countries organizes this conference. We are passionate about celebrating and sharing midwifery knowledge, research and clinical practice globally to reduce disparities in educational opportunities.

It is for this reason that the committee has introduced a theme for the VIDM 2021 conference of ‘Birth Equity For All’.

Photo collage of committee members Photo collage of committee members - Spanish