Vijaya Krishnan

Vijaya KrishnanDr. Vijaya Krishnan is a Certified Professional Midwife (CPM), and the co-founder and Director of Healthy Mother Sanctum, Natural Birth Center, and the leading official Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator (LCCE) in India. She teaches the Healthy Mother Lamaze Accredited Childbirth Educator Program, in order to educate and certify Lamaze educators all over India, and also runs the Healthy Mother Breastfeeding Support Network.

With a Doctorate in Physical Therapy and specialisation in Women”s Health, she has also created a gamut of Wellness Programs for Women throughout their entire reproductive cycle.

At her Natural Birth Center, The SanctumR , she has pioneered a unique Collaborative Model of Care – Women receive Independent Midwife Led Care, through pre-conception, pregnancy, labor, birth and postpartum, with back-up support and emergency infrastructure on site, in case of an emergency. She believes strongly that respectful maternity care is the most important key to helping women have an informed and empowered birth, & have a safe and healthy start to life as a new family.

Vijaya’s articles have been published in Midwifery Today, Journal Of Perinatal Education, and online in MIDIRS as well. Over the past 3 years, she has lectured widely and run workshops on Gentle Birth Practices and Respectful Maternity Care, at Universities and Medical/Nursing Colleges in India, to sensitize the key care-providers into adopting these practices widely.

She has been invited to teach at the Midwifery Today International Conferences over last 3 years in Germany and Belgium.  She has been awarded the “Lifetime Achievement Award for Service to MotherBaby” by Midwifery Today, for her tireless efforts for making birth a normal, physiologic event that can be one of joy, health and sacredness for all involved.