Dr. Tarun Singh Sodha is a Public Health professional with 10 years of experience and is working in maternal and child health programs from past 8 years.

He has worked in various International and National organisations such as, Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, IPE Global, University Research Co., UNICEF & USAID Funded projects. He is currently working as Country Director for Maternity Foundation-an International NGO for the past 4 years. He is working towards empowerment of Skilled Birth Attendants and Midwives through digital health platforms i.e., Safe Delivery App.

He contributed to National level guidelines during and after his tenure in Ministry of Health & Family Welfare.

He aims at identification and creation of low-cost digital solution for frontline health care workers and save lives of mothers and new-born. As the Country Director, he drafts creative concepts for successfully reaching out to health care workers with lifesaving protocols  and strengthening the health system.

He is zealous in bringing about dynamic changes in the ways where mothers and new-borns are given priority above all.