Explore the VIDM 2020 Posters — Outstanding!

Each year VIDM receives a number of outstanding posters which illustrate many aspects of midwifery practice and research around the globe. This year is no different. We have provided a separate category for Midwifery Students to showcase their work, many of which are interesting research as well.  Additionally, some of the poster presenters chose to be interviewed — Podcast interviews are found below their names on the presentation pages.

Please take some time to review this excellent work. Follow the links to the presentation pages.

VIDM 2020 Research Posters

VIDM 2020 Midwifery Student Posters

For an alternative view check the poster galleries below:

Student Midwifery Posters

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Research Posters

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Midwives on the Pandemic Frontline: WHO COVID-19 Update – Preconference event!

We are honoured to announce that World Health Organization (WHO)  associates will be presenting two special preconference sessions starting 3 hours before the start of VIDM 2020.  We hope you will be able to join us for these significant presentations and discussions.

Midwives on the Pandemic Frontline: WHO COVID-19 Update

A :: WHO guidance on maternal and newborn health during the coronavirus pandemic

04 May – 19:00 UTC  (Click for the time in your location)

Speakers:  Elizabeth Iro, WHO Chief Nurse and midwife  and Fran McConville, WHO Midwifery adviser.

B :: Sustaining quality midwifery care in a pandemic and beyond

04 May -20:00 UTC  (Click for the time in your location)

Speakers: Lastina Lwatula (Jhpiego Zambia), Mary Renfrew (University of Dundee, Scotland), and Anna von Horsten (UNFPA) on behalf of a group of global colleagues

Check the VIDM 2020 Programme Calendar for conference session details. Click HERE

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Conoce más acerca de VIDM y como formar parte este 2019

Queréis saber de que trata el VIDM? Comparte este vídeo con tus colegas y prepárate para conocer y compartir con otr@s colegas alrededor del mundo sobre las experiencias y prácticas de la obstetricia!

  • En la parte inferior derecha se encuentra la opción de lenguaje. Allí podrás acceder a la información en español y los formularios.
  • Si te interesa ser presentador, te animo a que puedas llenar el formulario con tu propuesta. (Esta es la última semana para presentar abstracts, charlas, etc)
  • Si eres docente, esta puede ser una oportunidad de conectar a tus alumn@s con la plataforma en español y conocer las prácticas obstétricas de otras partes del mundo.
  • La plataforma es interactiva, puedes hacer preguntas y compartir tus experiencias.
  • Puedes conectarte con los presentadores y conocer sus diversos temas de investigación.

¡Nos vemos el 5 de Mayo!

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