Stephanie McBride is a passionate advocate for the use of Essential Oils as a form of natural self-care and in clinical practice, from the moment of conception on.   Her 30 years of botanical medicine study, coupled with practical experience as a certified clinical herbalist, professional aromatherapist, and functional nutritionist,  qualify her to provide the in-depth knowledge necessary to simplify this ancient health modality for others.

Born and raised in Portland, Oregon,   Stephanie is dedicated to her work as a healthcare professional, published author, and professional public speaker.   Prior to her current occupation she spent seven years in  clinical practice  providing natural health support to women during maternity and in postpartum.  She has led case studies related to the efficacy of essential oils during maternity.  She has written two guidebooks and an e-course on the topic of aromatherapy in childbearing.  She has been a keynote speaker at wellness events throughout the United States and in Europe.