Sangheetha ParthasarathySangheetha Parthasarathy, is an ex-strategy consultant turned birth doula. She trained under Dr. Michel Odent, she is also a childbirth educator, KGhypnobirthing teacher and specialises in birth trauma – she recently relocated from the UK to Chennai, India where she brings in her expertise in pre-and perinatal psychology, somatic experiencing and other trauma resolution tools to work with couples during the perinatal period in a culturally sensitive manner. Sangeetha is also an international speaker and has published many journals, blogs and articles on various topics related to birth, inner wisdom, psychology and activism, and recently won the International Forum for Advancements in Healthcare’s “Top 100 Healthcare Leaders” award in 2019 for her contributions.
 Sangeetha lives in Chennai with her husband and two daughters, Laya and Swara aged 5 and 3, and sings in her free time.