Ruth KingRuth King, mother, midwife and Midwifery Advisor for the Australian College of Midwives, the professional body who have midwives at the heart of everything they do.  Ruth gets to bring her passion for her profession to her love of education and policy development.  In her seven years in this role she has seen a number of fabulous changes including midwives being recognised as a distinct profession.  In this COVID-19 pandemic she can see the true nature and professionalism of the midwifery workforce being realised.  Despite rising challenges, midwives have stayed true to their practice and continue to have women at the heart of their care.  Women will continue to have babies and they all deserve to have access to a known midwife.

 Ruth has been engaged in the PNG Buddy Leadership program since its beginning and has seen the progress from idea to reality as midwives from Australian and PNG connect and grown together.