Rizka Ayu SetyaniRizka Ayu Setyani, SST, MPH is currently a Doctor of Public Health candidate through an outstanding alumni scholarship program at Universitas Sebelas Maret, Indonesia. She is a lecturer and midwife who initiated and developed complementary midwifery therapy in Indonesia. She became the owner of Ayusofia Mother and Child Care and the founder of SEKOCI (Sekolah Komplementer Cinta Ibu, read: School of Complementary Therapy for Women). She collaborates with the Public Health Centre in SEKOCI implementation.

In 2020, Rizka received a scholarship from Taiwan International Healthcare Training Centre-Ministry of Health and Welfare Taiwan at Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine Project Training. She was also to be awarded 22nd AIDS Conference in San Francisco and Oakland US for presenting her abstract about HIV/AIDS prevention with female condom. She is an expert on reproductive health and highlights women’s issues and HIV/AIDS through the International AIDS Society (IAS). Besides, she is actively a book author, consultant, speaker, and reviewer of journals.