Rebecca Blech

Rebecca Blech is a holistic practitioner in the UK whose focus is on optimising birth and the first six years of life for longterm wellbeing.  To this end, she facilitates emotional healing, mindfulness, belief and behavioural change, community and connection for greater harmony during pregnancy, birth and beyond.  She leads regular harmony singing circles and specialises in harnessing mindset and healing birth trauma (from giving / attending birth or being born) for an empowered subsequent birth.  She draws on an extensive study of undisturbed birth (informing her E.M.P.O.W.E.R.S. model for optimising birth), the needs of the child, holistic health and a wide range of therapeutic skills founded on the principle of resonance and our symbiotic responsive relationship with our environment.  Since 2016, she has delved deeply into the adverse biological effects of electromagnetic radiation (EMR) emitting from mobile, wireless and electrical devices, having experienced some herself. With little ones most at risk, it is an inconvenient truth which she feels compelled to share (with solutions) in order to safeguard future generations, born and unborn. She welcomes an opportunity to support midwives in taking forward this conversation whilst keeping their spirit high!

Trainings include: Matrix Birth Reimprinting with EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques); transformational coaching with NLP, hypnosis, neurological repatterning; holistic massage; yoga nidra meditation (‘The Ultimate Power Nap’!), SingingMamasChoir facilitation, pregnancy and postnatal yoga, Montessori Assistant, Sing & Sign teacher, BA(Hons)