Hi! My name is Raquel Justiniano. I´m from Bolivia, residing and working as a midwife in Argentina. I’m currently studying a Master in Public Health. 

I developed an interest in maternal and new born health while finishing my nursing career and later on when volunteering, assisting women´s health in a non-governmental organization (NGO) in Bolivia. Meanwhile I helped coordinate an independent social communication project with an emphasis on humanitarian aid. I´m passionate about: the physiology of birth and the factors needed to promote gentle, dignified births, and women´s sexual and reproductive rights, both with a global perspective. 

In my work I advocate for birth rights, which are under threat in some institutional settings which fail to recognize pregnancy and birth as a natural and physiological process of the human body. I´m currently putting a great emphasis on prenatal classes, which are fundamental for healthy pregnancy outcomes, empowering women to trust their body and make informed desicions.

I´m  continuously searching for courses, participate in conferences, workshops and reading new research findings – this is how I came to know about VIDM.

VIDM is another door to a new experience. It has given me a broad perspective of Maternal Global Health. Being part of the committee and sharing a common passion for women´s health and new borns is an honor and great opportunity to enrich myself with outstanding professionals.  

I´m very excited for this VIDM 2021 as we have marvelous midwives who will share their knowledge and work experiences through a FREE online plataform! This is amazing! I invite you all to take this chance and join the VIDM19. I´m looking foward to connecting and learning from all of you!

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