Picture of Qiong Zheng

Jade Qiong Zheng taught midwifery at Wenzhou Medical University from 2007 to 2019 as the Director of the Midwifery Program. Following a year at Yale University studying direct entry midwifery, she designed and facilitated the establishment of China’s first undergraduate midwifery program at Wenzhou Medical University. Jade is also the leader of The Angel of Life for Africa training program which brings together NGOs in Ghana and Tanzania to provide a training program for midwife’s assistants training, a model for integrating civil cooperation, medical professional technical support, and enterprise participation.

Prior to starting her doctoral studies, Jade’s work mainly focused on curriculum development and promotion of higher education in midwifery in China. She is currently completing PhD studies at Zhejiang University. Her research focuses on perinatal loss and cross-cultural comparisons of support following perinatal loss.