The Virtual International Day of the Midwife celebrates the International Day of the Midwife by bringing together midwives, students, consumers and all parties interested in childbirth from across the globe using online electronic media.  A variety of live events are presented every hour for 24 hours across 4th/5th/6th May 2020 (depending on time zone) starting at 22:00 UTC on 5th May.  To check your local starting time, follow this link:

Request for Online Posters is now CLOSED

SUBMISSION:  The deadline for poster  proposals is now passed. Thank you for your submissions.  We will be in touch. Check here for the deadline in your location:

WHO CAN SUBMIT?  Midwives, student midwives, and others interested in birth. Students are invited to submit posters for the Student Stream.

WHAT KIND OF POSTERS?   We welcome poster presentations that will be displayed on the VIDM website.

Posters may be about midwifery research, international midwifery (this may include the sustainable development goals), midwifery education initiatives, midwifery practice issues, midwifery philosophy, or Safe Motherhood. 

A poster should:

  • Have a clear aim or purpose
  • Focus on midwifery or maternity care
  • Be of interest to a global audience

OPTIONAL: Podcast interview Posters on the website may be accompanied by a short podcast interview with the lead author about the topic. The submission form has a check box to indicate your willingness to participate in a recorded interview podcast.  Further information about the podcast option will be provided upon acceptance.

LANGUAGES:  While the poster proposal must be in English, posters in other languages are welcome.   Please contact for further information.

POSTER FORMAT:  Posters may be prepared using any software. There are numerous infographic tools available in addition to the usual poster creation tools such as PowerPoint or Canva. Ensure your finished product meets the following standards:

  • File format: PDF; JPEG; PNG
  • Aspect ratio: 
    • 2:3, 
    • 3:4, 
    • Landscape or portrait orientation
  • File size: Not to exceed 2 MG

Contact if you require assistance with the file standards.

SUBMISSION:  The deadline for poster  proposals is now passed. Thank you for your submissions.  Check here for the time in your location: