Paula MillerPaula Miller is a full time PhD candidate at the Centre for Maternal, Fetal and Infant Research, Ulster University in Northern Ireland. Paula is a qualified Occupational psychologist, and has worked for the British Psychoanalytic Society, The Institute of Psychoanalysis and internationally on organisational  and individual assessment, development, education and CPD programmes. Paula has supported populations experiencing traumatic life events, and has assisted in research surrounding parental adversity, personality, and effects on child behaviour, temperament and related psychopathology; mediators and moderators of outcome at Queens University Belfast. Paula takes an interdisciplinary approach to her doctoral research, focusing on the impact of birth trauma on maternal mental health and investigates the efficacy of an early intervention in reducing wide ranging short- and long-term effects. She is supported by Professor Marlene Sinclair, Dr Patricia Gillen, Dr Julie McCullough and Professor Paul William Miller.