My name is Mariapia Dado and I am a registered Midwife since 2016. After two years of working experience in my home country – Italy, I moved to Ireland where I started working at the Coombe Women’s and Infants University Hospital. I have always been interested in clinical research and advanced practice and for that reason I decided to undertake a Master degree in Midwifery Practice and Leadership, which I completed in 2020 at Trinity College Dublin. 

Childbirth experiences can largely impact on women’s and families health, and midwives are called every day to protect women’s needs and psychophysical health. I strongly believe that one of the most important ways to achieve this is by protecting the physiology of childbirth and enhancing midwifery practice. 

Therefore, for my research project for my MSc. was the study case that I am presenting for the Virtual International Day of Midwife conference ” Women’s experiences of water immersion during labour and childbirth in a hospital setting in Ireland: A qualitative study” that aimed investigate a birthing option – such as water birth, that is still not common in Ireland even though recognised worldwide as safe as standard care. The paper was published in the Midwifery Journal in Feb 2022.

At present, I am still working in the Coombe hospital but since October 2021 I got promoted to Clinical Midwife Manager II position as Clinical Skill Facilitator in the Delivery Suite, supporting staff and carrying out implementation projects to ensure evidence based practice