Marcela MendosaMarcela Mendoza began her midwifery education in Peru where she became a registered midwife. She is currently residing and studying in Australia. While studying her midwifery bachelor’s degree, she read an article about the benefits of having a Doula during birth which caught her attention and curiosity to investigate further. 

The term Doula was not well known in Peru many years ago, as it was in developed countries, leading to a controversy between Midwives and Doulas role. In her last year of her degree, she decided to train as a Doula. By immersing in this training, she acquired non-medical skills to support women in a holistic way.

Marcela obtained a Diploma in Early Childhood. It enhances her midwifery practice as she can support and provide her knowledge and expertise to parents about the importance of the first 1000 days of life where the infant has the maximum development capacity.

She has been passionate about women’s health and rights. Her passion came from the fact that women play an important role in their communities for sustainable and equitable development.

Her interest in maternal care on migrants has been getting stronger as she has noticed that most migrant women have not had a positive birth experience due to different factors such as culture, language, financial status, and the lack of support people. This interest started while volunteering in a clinic in Wyoming-USA that provides free health care to migrants.

During many years, her passion about midwifery has brought her to obtain different skills to empower her practice as a midwife. This is the rationale she is currently training as a Prenatal/Postnatal Yoga Teacher.