Prof.(Dr.) Manju Chhugani is a prodigious leader, trainer, researcher and an influential academician with more than 28 years of extensive hands on experience  in area of maternal and child health and university teaching. She involves herself in hands – on training of M.Sc. students in the field of midwifery and as national trainer in SBA programme.

She has been instrumental in reforming midwifery education, research and practices. She initiated Society of Midwives in India (SOMI) in year 2000 and initiated Delhi chapter in year 2019. Thereafter, she launched the SOMI chapters in other states like Rajasthan and Jammu and Kashmir. 

Prof. (Dr.) Manju Chhugani is country contact of Midwifery Today, executive member of White Ribbon Alliance of India, serves as the board member of Midwives Alliance of Asia (MAA) for advocacy of midwifery in India. She is a certified assessor of National assessment and accreditation council (NAAC), member of national task force of nurse practitioner in midwifery, member of technical resource group in Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (MOHFW), Government of India and contributed to the development of various guidelines and handbooks to reduce maternal mortality ratio and neonatal mortality rate.She is notable member of University Grant Commission (UGC) expert committee for comprehensive and holistic review of functioning of universities and review more than 17 Universities.

She is external assessor at NHSRC and dynamic member of 12 national and international organizations and has completed various projects with UNICEF, UNFPA, ICHA, centre for development of population activities (CEDPA) and IDF- Ipas. She has worked with UNICEF in a project in backward districts of Bihar (state with poor health indicators) to strengthen the midwifery education in these areas and a model college was created. She has made significant contributions in the development of skill based video films related to MCH in partnership with MOHFW and UNICEF.

She has been expert, resource person, chairperson and organiser of more than 300 workshops and conferences. She is dextrous in collaboration and networking with national as well as international agencies for which she has visited various countries viz. Hong Kong, Australia, London, Sweden, Scotland, Tanzania, Bangladesh, Washington, South Africa, Bangkok, Sri Lanka, Dubai Vietnam, Liverpool, Prague, Cambodia.