Loredana ZordanLoredana Zordan is an Independent midwife, freelance midwifery teacher, She completed a BsC in Midwifery and a Master Degree at King’s College and City University of London and she is a certified acupuncturist specialized in obstetric acupuncture.

Loredana is teaching nationally and internationally workshops for midwives on the use of acupressure for pregnancy and birth. Since introducing the workshop in Italy “Acupressure for pregnancy and birth” many hospitals are introducing acupressure for  labour preparation, induction of labour and for pain relief.

Loredana  is using acupressure whiting her clinical practice facilitating home birth and supporting women for labour preparation and induction of labour

She strongly advocates the use of acupressure internationally as it will  allow midwives to expand their role, becoming more complete and independent practitioners.  Acupressure being drug –free and therefore having not harmful teratogenic effect, provides a much safer and satisfying childbirth experience as well as facilitating a more natural and less medicalized childbirth.