@Academic_Liz or Liz is a midwifery academic at Flinders University currently doing her PhD on how COVID19 has influenced the teaching of professional communication skills. She actively encourages research to improve midwifery practice in undergraduate students and works to peer support other global midwives doing their post graduate studies through her podcast ‘Thru the Pinard’ and the twitter group @PhDMidwives.

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Poster Presentation FILOMENA STILE Virtual International Day of the Midwife

Giving birth in freedom: alternative positions in birth and expulsive period. Since ancient times, women have chosen the position in which to give birth. The excessive medicalization, however, has led to the prevalence of the woman's immobility. Semi-quantitative observational study conducted with convention sampling on 115 women who gave birth between March and April 2017 recruited at the time of discharge. A questionnaire divided into four sections was administered with the following object: 1) socio-demographic situation, 2) management of labor, 3) management of the expulsive period and maternal outcomes, 4) maternal satisfaction.   The data were divided into two groups: Group A (free positions) vs Group B (horizontal position). In the qualitative part of the questionnaire, the experience of women in the delivery room regarding freedom of movement or any postural coercion was collected. The analysis of the data shows that women who experienced freedom of movement said they had improved the experience of labor/delivery and the perception of pain.
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