Lianne Schwartz has been a midwife for more than 20 years, in clinical practice as well as teaching midwives in a postgraduate university program for over 12 years. She also runs retreats, programs and workshops for midwives and families, aiming to facilitate profound transformation as well as sharing practical skills and knowledge that make a difference. Her Master’s degree is in health research, and this has helped her to balance evidence-based care with intuitive knowing in her work and teaching. 

Lianne is passionate about working with midwives and other birthworkers because midwives are the gatekeepers at the beginning of life. Knowing how transformational the moments around birth are, and how much it impacts the woman, her baby & family, and the community around her means that our role is crucial. 

Midwives don’t just make a difference through clinical skills and saving lives: we need to pay attention to who we are deep inside. And yet, there is still not enough support and attention given to supporting sustainability in midwifery. Lianne’s passion is sharing the skills and tools needed to navigate the midwifery calling with wellbeing and balance.