Latha D BalasundaramI am Latha Balasundaram, the Lead physiotherapist at Fernandez Foundation. I live in Hyderabad, a city in India.  I have a masters degree in Physical therapy in Pediatric and adult neurology but over the years developed a passion in the area of Women’s Health and have been in clinical practice since 2008. I am also a  Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator  and a Board Certified Lactation Counsellor in an effort to support birthing couples in whatever way my passion drove me to. Coming from a country where Caesarean section rates and unnecessary medical intervention rates are high, I feel strongly about educating expectant couples with information that could help them make informed decision in their birthing process.

In the last 14 years of experience I worked in  the area of adult musculoskeletal issues and paediatric rehabilitation, I have worked with women with various painful musculoskeletal  and neuromuscular conditions through antenatal period and  support them to have a trial at vaginal birth by rehabilitating and suggesting alternative birthing position options that could work according to their condition,  I also work  with mothers for optimal fetal positioning techniques in malpositioned babies following  a training in Spinning babies approach with the goal to maximize their chances of attempting and experiencing a normal vaginal birth.

Through my work as a Pelvic floor specialist I help women with pelvic floor rehabilitation through their post-natal period with  and with older women dealing with pelvic organ prolapse,chronic pain and incontinence issues.

I also find helping and supporting new moms through their journey of breastfeeding very gratifying. I work passionately in multiple areas supporting women and empowering them in their journey leading to pregnancy, birth and beyond.