Karline Wilson-Mitchell

Karline Willon-MitchellDr. Karline Wilson-Mitchell RM, DNP, FACNM has practiced midwifery in the US and Canada since 1992 (including clinics, birth centres and hospitals in Florida, North Carolina, Georgia, Northern Quebec [Puvirnituq], and Ontario).  She has taught in the MEP at Ryerson University since 2008.  She is a member of the ACNM (Midwives of Color Committee).  Her doctoral studies placed a heavy emphasis on midwifery education.  And her capstone project focused on perceptions of Jamaican midwives of barriers to delivery of respectful maternity care.  Some of the findings of this research inform her current philosophy of teaching and equity research.

Karline’s interest in international health and health policy stems from years of working with international client, nursing and midwifery.  She has worked with Tanzanian and Zambian midwives and participated in volunteer work in Jamaica, Tanzania and Burundi.  She has published articles on strategies for infusing diversity, equity and inclusion into clinical learning as well as employing an intellectual partnership model for teaching.  Under the auspices of CAMGlobal Karline has worked with the South Sudanese midwives to develop a tutor’s manual to deliver their newly developed three-year midwifery diploma curriculum among students who have experienced the aftermath of civil unrest and war.

Areas of research include: perinatal outcomes of refugee and migrant women and newborns, Ryerson Centre for Immigration and Settlement (Integration Trajectories of Immigrant Families); Rights for Children and Youth Partnership: Strengthening Collaboration in the Americas.

Places hold memories of suffering, and resilience and hope. Places are the object of our movements and migration, for a better life.  This presentation will involve the telling of migration stories.  It will be edgy, intended to help us to reflect, and to learn from the past, and the present.  It is a herstory of Canadian midwives of colour. Listen at your own risk. Discretion is advised.