Justine Powell

Justine Powell has been a Registered Nurse and Midwife for 30 years; she has seen the positive impact of midwifery on communities worldwide.

Justine completed her BSc (Hons) Midwifery at Kings College London in 1996 and she worked in team midwifery, group practice and high-risk midwifery in London, experiencing home birthing, water birthing and continuity of carer models. She cared for women in India and Africa before moving to Australia in 2001.

Experiencing midwifery in Alice Springs gave Justine valuable insight into indigenous birthing practices and the importance of birthing on country.

For 18 years Justine has provided care for mothers and babies in rural and remote areas whilst working for RFDS (QLD Section) Throughout this time she has maintained her clinical midwifery skills by working in the UK, New Zealand and Australia in a variety of settings, most recently at Toowoomba Hospital Maternity Unit.

Justine is currently seconded to Queensland Health’s QuMid project, which is empowering midwives through education, enabling rural and remote clinicians to provide safe, women centred care and supporting the autonomy of future midwives

As a Clinical Midwifery Consultant with QuMid, she is proud to be working with an amazing team of midwives, who embody the art and science of midwifery every day and are focused on enabling quality midwifery care can be provided close to home.