23 Jean Baptiste Shadown Photo

Jean Baptiste DUSENGIMANA is a fresh graduate midwife from university Rwanda and working in health care facility of Rwanda. He is co-founder of Rwanda Midwifery Students Association (RMSA) and recently was its Director General for one year. RMSA is community based, an independent, nongovernmental, non-religious and non-political association run by midwifery students willing to implement acquired skills for community health promotion. Jean Baptiste has initiated different initiatives like midwifery week to community development, prenatal health program willing to empower community health workers to detect risk pregnancy or postpartum complication and able to manager or refer them for further management. This help to reduce maternal and neonatal death as well as develop midwifery profession in the community. He is the founder, designer and organizer of Youth Inspirational Summit in Rwanda. This summit happen every year and it intend to inspire the youth how they can strive for self-reliance to solve surrounding problems. In addition, he has created a connection between a midwife and a community through integration and empowerment of community health workers. Jean Baptiste has extensive experience working on various projects and initiatives that empower women and girls. He was project leader of growing mushroom for teenager mother in Rwanda Village Community promoters, one of Non-Governmental Organisation working to improve life standard of underprivileged community. In addition, he was the founder, project designer and organizer of fighting teenager campaign in Kirehe district-Rwanda.  This was target to prevent teenager pregnancy, empower them on sexual reproductive health, and help them to rejoin the school. Over the years, Jean Baptiste DUSENGIMANA, has participated in many international conference including first African woman health conference in Rwanda, international conference on AIDS and Sexual transmitted  diseases in Africa happened in 2019- Rwanda, he attended from global to regional science, youth and community in the HIV response in African.  He is passionate I maternal, neonatal, and child health and adolescent sexual reproductive health. He aspires to fight for midwifery development, women’s freedom in communities where they marginalized and loves sharing his ideas on panels, meetings and conferences that rise these voices. He believes that universal health coverage cannot be achieved without strong midwifery education and their work place.