Researcher at Flemish Federation of Midwives; Perinatal Yoga Teacher and Body Worker at

Ines Rothmann works as part time researcher at the Flemish Federation of Midwives (VBOV) focusing on strengthening evidence based midwifery care. She regularly writes research articles and recently led the development of the campaign “Move freely / Swing your belly – freedom of mobility during labour and birth”. In her own practice, Ines has been passionately supporting over the past 7 years parents and children with yoga, mindfulness and body work from preconception to the first 1001 days postpartum. She is a certified perinatal yoga, baby yoga, baby massage and kids yoga teacher. Ines works intensively with different body work techniques, such as craniosacral therapy, energetic body work and perinatal rituals. Her heart’s wish is to support women to come home to themselves, as women, as mothers, partners, sisters, …; to surrender to life’s transformational times with a large portion of mildness and humor and by building women’s confidence in their intuition and feminine wisdom. She is particularly fascinated by the restorative power of “movement” and “rest”. Ines grew up in Germany, but has been living in Belgium for 16 years now. She is 45 years old and above all a proud mother of an 11-year-old son. Before Ines started to work as a perinatal and childbirth worker, she used to be a globetrotter and worked for more than ten years as an economist (Msc.) in development cooperation in English-speaking Africa & South-East Asia.