I am a Lecturer in Health Sciences at Bournemouth University and Interim deputy head of Nursing Science. I have a strong academic and research background in Health, Clinical and Educational Psychology. I completed a Doctorate in Professional Practice (2004-2010) looking at the impact of job strain and burnout from the inclusion of disruptive students in mainstream teaching with Secondary School teachers. This has led onto more Health Education and Promotion research based around the use of interactive digital technology in health and social care settings. Research has focused on improving meta-cognitive awareness of sexual health practices, contraception, risk taking behaviours (drugs/alcohol/smoking) and the impact teratogens have on foetal development. I am the lead researcher on a number of research projects with BU Centre of Midwifery, Maternal and Perinatal Health and am working in collaboration with BU SciTech and Poole Hospital NHS Foundation Maternity Services. I have used a range of static to high fidelity virtual baby simulator neonate dolls to promote health education around adolescent practical parenting, teratogenesis and addiction from problem substance use during pregnancy and the impact on foetal development. This research has used secondary school pupils and undergraduates. However, current research projects are looking at pregnant problem substance users lived experiences of drug and alcohol use during their pregnancies as a digital training resource for social work and healthcare professionals to understand addiction and teratogenesis. Additionally, we have designed an innovative carbon monoxide  detecting wearable for pregnant smokers to improve perinatal and paediatric health outcomes and adopt a harm reduction approach to smoking while pregnant. My research interests consider the possibility of improved mental health, empowerment and quality of life for service users via digital health care behavioural change