Elizabeth Arnold-Leahy CNM LM DM (Betsy)

Dr. Arnold-Leahy has been in clinical practice in New York City for 35 years.  As Director of the St. Vincent’s Hospital Midwifery Service for over 20 years, Betsy designed an institutional practice where community-based, hospital-based and private practice midwives functioned in a collegial setting.  She has been a chapter chair, on multiple local and state committees, lectured in Japan; and is currently employed in a midwife-operated private practice in Brooklyn, NY. One of the first midwives in the US to earn a doctorate in midwifery, her project focused on her passion for occiput posterior labor, and its effects on practitioners and birthing people.

Currently, Betsy is a senior midwife in Parkslope Midwives in Brooklyn, New York serving a diverse community in an academic medical center, continuing to share information with clients, midwives and other providers on Persistent Occiput Posterior Position.