Donna Mitchell CPM-RET, Yoga Certified, Master Teacher Himalayan Bowls Meditation, Senior Midwife At Birth Village in South India since 2013 and creator of Active Mammas Fitness program.  She is a veteran midwife, practicing since 1998 in the deep south in usa and has worked across all birth and midwifery settings in over 5 countries. 

She is a dynamic, committed midwife who stands for womens’ rights and choices, and is a powerful advocate for the continuing evolution of the deeper Feminine, through birth and beyond. Being a part of a woman’s journey in pregnancy and birth is the cornerstone to all the projects she has worked on. 

Over the past decade, Donna Mitchell has designed the Active Mamma Workout – combining stretching, yoga, dancing, inner relaxation and meditation, with a specific focus on labour preparation; orienting specifically on womens’ bodies & pregnancy anatomy. This is now a certified course, and is used by trainers for prenatal as well as postnatal fitness.  Along with working for Birth for change in India, she worked with Tejus home. This is a home fo minor girls who are pregnant due to violence and need a safer respectful atmosphere to wait out their pregnancy and birth. 

As the senior consulting midwife at Birth Village she has been instrumental in setting up protocols and practices, mentoring and training the midwifery team in all aspects of midwifery at this independent birth centre for the past 7 years. She also has special modules covering nutrition, fitness and also teaches reproductive health and pre-conception classes along with menopause health.

Donna is mother to 9 home birth children all living in the USA. She homeschooled her children, runs a legal covering for home educators in Alabama as well as does consult work for parents wanting to understand a child led education.