Vacancy for new Committee Member 2019

A vacancy has arisen for a midwife or student midwife who is passionate about the global nature of midwifery education, research and practice. This midwife will be proficient in the use of social media and mobile technologies with access to a stable internet connection. A knowledge of marketing techniques will be advantageous. Proficiency in the English language is essential.

Committee members must commit to regular meetings in the run up to the conference (05 May 2019). Meetings are conducted online using webconferencing tools. Each committee member takes an active part in the organisation before and facilitation during the 24 hour conference; hence the time commitment increases from an hour or two a week initially to five or six hours a week in the month before the conference.

To apply for this position, complete the form below  submitting your CV with a supporting statement explaining what you can bring to the committee and the VIDM.

UPDATE : Applications are now closed. Thank you for your interest.