Picture of Arafin Happy Mim

Arafin Happy Mim (Mim) – I have completed my diploma in Midwifery course from Dhaka Nursing College in 2020 and became a registered midwife in 2021. From the starting point of my career I always wanted to work with Bangladesh Midwifery Society to make my profession well known to all people. Fortunately I got an opportunity from the Bangladesh Midwifery Society to work as an intern midwife in 2021.It was my first step towards my dream. In the same year, I started my first job as a midwife with Save The Children in the humanitarian sector in Bangladesh, Cox’s Bazar. That journey was beyond my expectations. It was full of new experiences and lessons. That experience improved my ability to work in conflict areas. The journey was ongoing, in the same year I became an executive of Bangladesh Midwifery Society. Experience with Bangladesh Midwifery Society is still continuing  with great people. Worked under some great mentors from the Royal  College of Midwives through the twining project and Nursing Now Challenge Fellowship Programme enhanced me a lot. Again in 2023 I just started my new job with Research Training and Management (RTM) International as a Midwife Supervisor in humanitarian sector in Bangladesh, Noakhali, Bhasanchar. It’s an island. Again I am experiencing supper nostalgic works and difficulties. Resolving difficulties with my previous experiences and with a great team.