Picture of Liz McNeill sitting at her desk.

I became a midwife after a career in nursing. My critical care background and subsequent specialisation in simulation has enabled my creative and innovative sides to come out to play with my teaching, curriculum design and scholarship/research areas in both the nursing and midwifery areas.

I teach across the curriculums, including topics in the sciences, clinical skills, and research areas. My focus areas include midwifery research, authentic and programmatic assessment, professional communication, and simulation and have presented internationally in these areas. I am also a primary promoter of student engagement and student partnership as well as midwifery research via my podcast Thru the pinard and the twitter group @PhDMidwives

As a past speaker and facilitator for the #VIDM, I am excited about working with the committee to continue this fabulous opportunity for global midwives to share their activities.