Annette Dalsgaard

I am Annette Dalsgaard. I have been a registered midwife since 1990 and been practicing midwifery in different practice settings in Denmark. For the last 10 years I have been working primarily with education and learning as a lecturer/senior lecturer at the midwifery education and an educational consultant in postgraduate education. I am very interested in ICT and learning, especially in the possibilities of using open online environments, and social media for learning, knowledge sharing and networking internationally. In 2013 I started as a Ph.D. student studying professional development in open online learning environments.

I have been involved with the Virtual International Day of the Midwife since 2010. I am fascinated about the way the VIDM creates connections internationally between midwives and others across boarders and time zones in a synchronous online conference and support the sharing of new knowledge and practice development in midwifery and maternity care. In the coming years I would be interested in developing the opportunities for interaction at the conference between attendants and attendants and speakers to support the sharing of experiences and networking. I believe that the more the online conference environment can support the attendants in connecting, interacting, sharing knowledge and networking the greater will the personal benefits from participating in the online conference become.