Ally Anderson

Ally Anderson is a third-year student midwife at Teesside University, UK. She was a secondary science teacher for thirteen years before embarking on a change of career and going back to study again. Ally’s first degree was in Anatomy and Physiology and she has a PGCE and Masters in Education. Ally has four children and a husband who keep her busy in between placements and study!

As part of her studies, Ally took the whole family to Tanzania in 2018 for her elective placement. This experience was invaluable in demonstrating that there are so many things we can all learn from each other whether you are a student, midwife or doctor and whether you work in a well-resourced city hospital in a high-income country or a small village hospital in a low-income country. Ally’s elective placement has enthused her interest in ‘normal’ childbirth, breastfeeding and respectful maternity care.

Due to Ally’s previous role, she is passionate about midwifery education – for students, preceptor midwives and qualified midwives for their continued professional development. In the future, Ally is keen that everyone all over the world should be able to have access to a contemporary and innovative midwifery education. The VIDM is one way that this could be achieved. She is extremely excited to be one of the newest members of the VIDM committee!