Abigail Beach

Abigail’s passion for helping Women to become empowered, stems from her mother’s own experience while delivering her. The process was completely medicalised to the detriment of both of them. Therefore, when she discovered that she was pregnant in her early twenties, she decided to have things as natural as possible. This led to a voyage of self- discovery and learning all there was to know that would help her on her journeys through pregnancy and child birth. This was to help her prepare for the best experience as possible both for her and the baby.


She feels her calling lies in supporting women to make informed choices about their pregnancy and birth and sees herself as a “Birth Worker.” She is a mother to six children aged between 2 years 6 months and 12 years. She is able to handle family life as well as create time for pregnant women to come and share their hopes and fears about their pregnancy and birth. If they want support on a one to one basis Abigail offers this service. She has breastfed for twelve years continuously throughout pregnancy and tandemly. Currently, she is training to become a La Leche League Leader (Breast feeding counsellor). She feels her experience would hold her in good stead for this position to assist Mothers who may want to try and breastfeed their babies.


Her birth experiences have been diverse – the first baby was born at home whilst she practised hypno birthing. The second baby was born by Elective Caesarian due to breech presentation and being quite over-due. The third, fourth and fifth babies were home births and the sixth baby was born before the midwife arrived. Abigail has experienced a variety of challenges during her pregnancies and babies births. The lessons have helped her during subsequent pregnancies and births to understand what her choices were from an informed point of view.


One thing that she experienced which stands out for her, is the Fetal Ejection Reflex and how when birth is uninterrupted and unhindered this makes childbirth a much quicker experience, less painful and straightforward. This is what inspired her to explore the subject which she is going to be talking about. She hopes to share her experiences with women to help them see for themselves how birth can be different.


Abigail records her experiences and feelings through Art and Music. She also enjoys spending as much time as possible out doors and singing in the Choir.